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Table of Discussion

A democratic table that connects the youth who are far away from the corridors of power, directly to the Swedish parliament. 


Connecting the Youth with the Ones in Power


Despite being passionate about societal issues, Swedish youths don’t feel like the politicians are listening to them. To fight this alienation, we at TMF have created 'Table of Discussion' – an interactive table that connects first time voters all over Sweden directly to the Swedish parliament. 

This way young people get a chance to bring up their most pressing issues eye to eye with the politicians that represent them. The table breaks down the distances that keeps them apart, and creates a natural way for them to talk over a lunch or "fika".


Right Now


The table is currently on duty, with its first sessions complete. The table has so far connected students from Östersund, Leksand and Nässjö with parliament members from Socialdemokraterna, Moderaterna, Miljöpartiet, Liberalerna and Kristdemokraterna.


Behind the Tech

The table was created by the hi-tech C&D Joinery in Falköping using the latest in wood working construction – specifically designed for integrating the technology that would make it possible to have real-time conversations over long distances, and without losing sound or video quality.

To make the experience as real as possible, we positioned the camera behind the screen so it would capture the conversation in a way to create a continouos-table effect on the other screen. The position of the camera also made it possible to look the person on the other side in the eyes, which creates the feeling of really sitting across from each other at the same table, appose to a regular video call.

If you are interested in building your own table to create your own conversations between people, download the 3D-model below and get building!

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Host the Table

Interested in hosting the table for a future session? Send us your email and we'll get back to you when the table becomes available.

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