Is my personal information protected?

Yes, your email adress will not be made public and your personal information is protected according to Dataskyddsförordningen (The General Data Protection Regulation). If you have further questions, please refer to info@tmf.se.

Who are TMF and why did they launch this initiative?

We at TMF knows that young people are committed to working out societal issues now and in the future. We want to show them that the way to do it is by working in the wood and furniture industry, by showing them how our industry tackles a societal issue that’s relevant for them. Statistics shows that Swedish youths don’t feel listen to by the politicians that represents them – a problem that is especially pressing when so many of these youths are going to vote for the first time. That’s why we created ‘Table of Discussion’ – an interactive, two-split table that, through a screen, can make people who are far apart sit down at the same table.

What do you want this initiative to lead to?

We hope that we through this initiative, can make more people see the potential in the wood and furniture industry. It’s a growing industry and we need more people who wants to improve and drive change in the world. ‘Table of Discussion’ shows how the industry can make a difference and contribute to social benefit through design, innovation and craftsmanship. Our hope is to both inspire and be a part of proving that our industry can help shape society.

What’s TM_X?

TM_X (The Wood and Furniture Experiment) is a platform for us in the wood and furniture industry who care about the future, are interested in people and willing to shape the world around us through innovation. This is an platform where the entire industry can come together and through various expertise and competences experiment to create new solutions that can improve everything form the world to a living room. Our first initiative is ‘Chair of Attention’, which shows how tech, design and craftsmanship can make a difference for the everyday life of young girls with ADHD in the classroom.